Join us on the journey


At Whale Road, we're on a journey - and we're inviting you to join us. 


We want to know what's good for our skin and what's good for the planet. Because we reckon these things need to go hand-in-hand. 


That’s why we've developed the best-quality handmade organic products.  Products which are gentle, yet powerful on the skin, and light on our beautiful, yet fragile, environment. 


We’ve taken the time to perfect our range, checking every ingredient, fine-tuning our process and choosing the most environmentally-conscious packaging we can find. 


We know there’s always room to improve – we’re committed to that. But we’re also super proud of everything we make, from our exquisitely scented bath melts to each handmade, unique nugget of organic soapiness.


Welcome to Whale Road. It’s great to have you with us.

The origin of our name

'Whale Road' is an acknowledgement of the wisdom of nature and the road we must take as conscious consumers to preserve what's left of nature and our planet.

Gentle, yet powerful on the skin and light on the environment

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