We've gone all-out with our ingredients.


What we put into our products and what you put on your skin, then back into the environment matters to us. A Lot.


All our ingredients – from our butters to our essential oils – are certified organic, whenever we can source them (but we’ll always let you know when we can’t).


The few non-organic products we use are still top-notch, from the fresh (as in not powdered) goat’s milk in our hand soaps to the food-grade magnesium sulphate in our bath bombs.  

We say no way to all nasties such as palm oil, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, phthalates, hardeners, synthetic lathering agents or artificial fragrances, whiteners, preservatives or colours.


We say not on your nelly to animal testing (all our products are either vegetarian or vegan, again, we’ll let you know the score).

This means our products are amazing for all skin types, including sensitive, problem and allergy-prone skin - and you can sleep well at night.


Because, don't forget, we use compostable bio-plastic bags made from renewable sources (no palm oil or genetically-engineered or modified materials thank you very much), or cardboard boxes, both fully compostable at home.

Natural Soap Ingredients