This bar has been carefully formulated from top quality certified organic ingredients. Its a gently foaming bar which feeds and nurtures your skin while you shave. It comes in a custom made bowl (with lid) individually handcrafted from Kauri recovered from the Christchurch Basilica after the 2011 Earthquake. There is limited Kauri available, making this an iconic piece.

Argan + Aloe Shaving Bar with Kauri bowl + lid

  • coconut oil*, distilled water, lye, kokum butter, jojoba oil*, olive oil*, avocado oil*, argan oil*, castor oil*, essential oil blend*, NZ sea salt*,  purple + kaolin clays, aloe vera extract* (200:1), sugar*, tussah silk

    *certified organic ingredients

    Free of parabens, SLS's propylene glycol + phthalates & silicones
    Cruelty free - not tested on animals