Four individually wrapped soaps beautifully presented in a biodegradable gift box. This selection  includes activated charcoal, pink clay, annatto and goats milk. This is a diverse range - there is something in here for every skin type.


free of parabens, SLS's propylene glycol + phthalates & silicones
cruelty free - not tested on animals

Diversity Gift Box

  • activated charcoal bar
    coconut oil*, distilled water, shea butter*, lye, jojoba oil*, olive oil*, castor oil*, patchouli essential oil*, tea tree essential oil*, clove bud essential oil*, activated charcoal, NZ sea salt*

    annatto bar
    distilled water, olive oil*, shea butter*, kokum butter, coconut oil*, lye, argan oil*, castor oil*, essential oil blend*, NZ sea salt*, aloe vera* (200:1)

    goats milk bar
    coconut oil*, goats milk, shea butter*, olive oil*, lye, jojoba oil*, cocoa butter*, ylang ylang essential oil*

    pink clay bar
    olive oil*, distilled water, coconut oil*, shea butter*, Lye, jojoba oil*, cocoa butter*, sweet almond oil*, essential oil blend*, castor oil*, oats*, pink clay, tussah silk*

    * certified organic ingredients